God Can Change Your Love Language…Even for Just a Week

Susan Moore, October, 2006

Of the five love languages,
I score lowest on physical touch.
That doesn’t mean I don’t like hugs…
it just means hugs aren’t the way
I best receive love.
It also means that by the end of the day,
I’d rather not have kids hanging on me.
I’m still processing my week in Collqiue,
but one thing I did learn…
God can move physical touch to the top of my list.
At least for a week,
I craved hugs and kisses from children
who yearned to give them generously,
who had nothing else to give.
For one week,
hugs from children I couldn’t communicate with
any other way DID fill my “love tank” to overflowing!
For one week I could walk uphill or down
from OSA house to the community center
with three or four kids hanging on me
and not mind it one bit. Amazing!