Sports Programs

In 2006, OSA was granted permission to construct a “sports complex” on property behind the OSA house that is owned by the José Galvito preschool. This complex includes a concrete sports court, bleachers, and a plaza with a park-like atmosphere for community social events.

Approximately 100 children participated as members of boy’s soccer (fútbol) and girl’s volleyball teams.  A professional coach (who is also a Christian pastor) was employed to teach game fundamentals, teamwork, and sportsmanship in a Christian environment.  Plans are in progress for this program to continue year round.  The OSA team sports and community recreation programs provide wholesome outlets for Collique’s teens and younger children who might otherwise become involved with drugs or other destructive behavior.

The sports court and plaza have also used by adults in the community served by OSA.  For example, volleyball and aerobics classes have been popular with mothers of the children enrolled in the OSA after school program. The outdoor plaza has also been used for recreational activities to promote healthy family relationships.