Operación San Andrés (OSA-Texas) was founded in 2003 and became a Texas non-profit corporation in 2005. In that same year, OSA was adopted as a “mission society” of South Main Baptist Church (SMBC) in Houston, Texas. As implied by this arrangement, the members of SMBC partner with OSA by making financial contributions and through direct participation in the planning and execution of OSA mission trips and other ministry projects. As stated in its Articles of Incorporation with the State of Texas, the day to day management of OSA is vested in its Board of Directors. All of the directors must be approved by SMBC. The OSA Board of Directors meets regularly to determine strategic direction and to give approval for major OSA initiatives. Most of the people serving on the 17 member Board of Directors are members of SMBC. Approximately 85% of the group has traveled to Collique, Peru on one or more OSA mission trips.

In 2006 OSA was granted “tax exempt status” under section 501(c)(3) of the USA Internal Revenue Code. Also, Asociación Operación San Andrés (OSA-Peru) has been chartered as a Peruvian not-for-profit corporation and serves as a sister organization to OSA-Texas. As required by the US IRS Tax exemption, OSA-Peru operates under the guidance, funding, and direction of OSA-Texas. Specifically, expenditures of funds by OSA-Peru are controlled by OSA-Texas. OSA-Peru and OSA-Texas work cooperatively to achieve the ministry objectives of Operación San Andrés.