• Dr. Luis A. Campos – Founder
Dr. Luis Campos
Luis Campo

Luis A. Campos is a native of Peru, where he attended Colegio San Andrés in Lima. While attending this high school operated by Scottish Presbyterian missionaries, Dr. Campos first realized his “calling” to minister to marginalized people groups. Dr. Campos completed medical school at the University of Edinburgh. He and Ruth were married in Scotland prior to their immigration to the USA. Dr. Campos’ cardiology medical practice in Houston, Texas, USA has spanned more than 30 years. Dr. and Mrs. Campos and their family participated in several mission trips to Mexico and Peru prior to founding OSA in 2003.

Operación San Andrés Board of Directors

  • Janice Anderson – President
  • Jack Bailey
  • Fran Campos
  • Luis Campos – Founder
  • Ruth Campos – Founder and Treasurer
  • Bill Carpenter – Vice President
  • Kris Dill
  • Greg Funderburk
  • Jill Hatcher
  • Todd Jurek
  • Joanne Owens
  • Andres Salas
  • Lee Slataper
  • Anna Beth Smith
  • Vince Smith – Secretary
  • Sarah Villaseñor
  • Steve Wells
  • Susan Young

Operación San Andrés Team in Peru

  • Blanca Urrutia, Executive Director
  • Dennis Rojas, Director of Programs
  • Meche Aguilar, Administrative Assistant
  • Tito Hurtado, Pastor of Luz de Esperanza Church
  • Ryder Pizango, Minister to Youth
  • Charo Correa, Social Worker
  • Teresa Pérez, Clinical Psychologist
  • Fany Marcatoma, Teacher
  • Abigail Huertas, Teacher
  • Jessica Oliva, Teacher
  • Deysi Ludeña, Bookkeeper 
  • Jenny Juarez, Administrative Assistant
  • Martin Leyva, Maintenance/Custodian