The ministry of Operación San Andrés (OSA) began in 2003 with the first medical/dental mission trip to Peru.  Under the leadership of Dr. Luis Campos, this mission team with 16 participants provided medical and dental care in Huaycan, Peru, a poor community towards the Andean region of Lima.  Since then, mission trips have provided medical, dental, and other care to the residents of Collique, a shantytown on the outskirts of Lima.  Significant growth in the OSA medical/dental campaigns has occurred in the years since 2003.  Recently, mission teams in the spring and fall have included about 35 to 45 participants including medical doctors, nurses, dentists, dental hygienists, a pharmacist, a Doctor of Optometry, a Christian education team, construction volunteers and additional support staff.  Typically, about 1000 patients are seen by the medical professionals during the one week campaigns.

Doctors are able to prescribe medicines that are dispensed from the well stocked OSA pharmacy with a formulary of approximately 100 oral and topical medications.

While regular medical and dental campaigns by OSA have made a positive contribution to the health status of the residents of Collique, it is our desire to provide more continuous holistic health care and wellness education to these people.  To this end, OSA is actively pursuing the following enhancements to our health care ministry:

  • Joint programs with the Peruvian American Medical Society
  • Cooperative relationships with the Hospital Sergio Bernales in Collique
  • Cooperative relationships with other medical professionals in Lima
  • Employment of nurses to teach preventive health care and nutrition classes
  • A telemedicine program for following patients with chronic diseases
  • Improved relations with the Peruvian Minister of Health
  • Reliable sources of potable water

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