Vision Care

Addressing vision problems and other eye care needs of the residents of Collique has been an important aspect of OSA’s ministry. Starting in 2005, a Doctor of Optometry has participated in most OSA medical/dental campaigns in the fall.  Approximately 4000 pairs of eyeglasses have been donated to OSA by organizations and individuals. Many of these have been taken to Collique for distribution to those in need.

OSA has acquired a used autorefractor and a used phoropter.  These two pieces of precision equipment are very helpful in determining the best eye glasses prescriptions.  OSA uses a computerized system, developed by the Kendall Optometry Ministry, for inventory of more than 3200 pairs of used glasses.  The optical equipment and glasses are stored on-site in Collique.

Distribution of reading glasses is another important part of OSA’s eye care clinics.  Improved close up vision can be “life changing” for middle age and older adults.