Loaves and Fishes 2006

Charis Smith, October, 2006

The calling of disciples is to follow the master.
So we came to meet Jesus
in District 4,
Collique, Peru
in October.
He gathered us and said,
“These my people are faint with waiting.
How shall you care for them?”
We looked at mud streets,
polluted sky,
entreating eyes.
“Lord, we have only one dentist,
some doctors,
a few children’s workers,
and a clown.
What are these among so many?”
He had us organize the waiting ones into groups and lines,
raised our service to God,
blesses us,
and broke our hearts.
Our strength was enough for one day,
renewed for a second,
and made sufficient for a week.
On Friday, overflowing baskets of the bread of life were gathered
to be carried home,
returned another year,
and multiplied yet again.