Reflections on OSA Mission Trip

Amy Grizzle; Minister to Adults; South Main Baptist Church; Houston, Texas
January 23, 2008

Excerpt from e-mail note to Luis and Ruth Campos, January 23, 2008:
(On arrival) I saw Collique from a panoramic view while taking in the gathered children and women……I was unprepared to be overwhelmed by God’s Spirit in that moment. The children ran to Susan and Margaret, remembering them by name. Tears came to my eyes for no apparent reason. I saw God’s Spirit manifest itself the rest of the week in our hands, in the eyes and smiles of the people, in the laughter of the children, in the peace that came with knowing God had called you there, God had called us there for a reason….The trip is a textbook illustration of the essence of relational missions which is at the heart of Christian missionary work. I was deeply impressed at how lives are impacted not only by the medical and other practical help we bring, but by the sustained relationships that are being built by returning year after year.