From Richard and Natalia

We are thankful for the clothing and school supplies that our daughter Alexandra has received during her time in the OSA program.  We are also grateful for the food that she eats each afternoon in the OSA lunch program.  The money that we have saved on clothes, school supplies and food for our older daughter will help us buy building materials for our small house.  I hope our daughter will be able to remain in the program so we can continue to improve the quality of life for our family.  My dream is that we can continue to save while our older daughter participates in Operación San Andrés.

We have almost completed our home with a concrete floor and strong walls.  It has been challenging to save money to buy the materials and the land.  A steel rod to span the roof that once cost 20 soles, is now 40 soles.  The daily wage for a manual laborer is about 40 soles ($13).  With the help of Operación San Andrés, our family has been able to save money for almost two years in order to buy the land and build our home. We are living in one small section of our new house.  We are waiting to build a middle wall and to extend the roof over the entire structure.

(Natalia works at the local market where she has a small booth and sells cooking ingredients with fresh vegetables.)

 From Delia

Hello friends of Operación San Andrés. I want to express to you my appreciation for all that you are doing for the well-being of our community of Collique.  I had the opportunity to participate in the jewelry-making class that was taught by Marlene, who is a beautiful person.  She taught us step-by-step that which we needed to do.  I am very happy for all that I learned not only about jewelry but also the love of God and the strength that he gives to us to continue forward in spite of our personal difficulties.  Many thanks and may God bless you.