Programs and Projects

OSA has been designated by the Peruvian Educational Ministry as the official “sponsor” of the José Galvito Preschool, located near the OSA house. OSA provides a nutritious lunch and vitamin supplements for approximately 120 children (ages 3-5) who are enrolled in the school. The OSA lunch program is a concrete way to address issues of iron deficiency anemia and growth retardation due to malnutrition in these children.

In 2006, OSA was granted permission to construct a “sports complex” on property behind the OSA house that is owned by the José Galvito Preschool. This complex includes a concrete sports court, changing rooms, bathroom facilities, and a plaza with a park-like atmosphere for community social events. OSA Sports Programs and community recreation provide wholesome outlets for Collique’s teens and younger children who might otherwise become involved with drugs or other destructive behavior.

OSA House is being used for a daily program of “Living Water-OSA.” This program is attended by approximately 40 children (ages 8 to 11) each weekday. The children receive educational enrichment in reading, math, and science.  Classes also emphaise spiritual development, recreation, and crafts.  The children also receive a nutritious meal or snack each day.

OSA House is also used for children’s Christian Education, recreation, and crafts during “Vacation Bible School” which has been a vital part of recent OSA mission trips.

Another important component of the OSA ministry is Clothing Distribution.  Approximately 2000 items of clothing were given to needy families during each of the major medical/dental campaigns in 2005 and 2006.  Almost all families in the shantytown of Collique live in makeshift houses made of low cost or reclaimed materials.  Recent mission trips to Collique have included construction projects for Dwelling Improvement for a few of the most needy families.

Other Programs are in various stages of planning and implementation. These programs will include ongoing medical care, wellness and hygiene education, additional sports and recreation, educational enrichment such as computer training, music, etc., cooperative programs with other schools, community Bible study, pastoral care, and income producing projects.