José Galvito Preschool

OSA was designated by the Peruvian Educational Ministry as the official “sponsor” of the José Galvito Preschool, located near the OSA house. OSA provides a nutritious lunch and vitamin supplements for approximately 120 children (ages 3-5) who are enrolled in the school.  The lunch program is a cooperative effort between the school staff, OSA, and a Peruvian governmental organization, PRONAA (Programa Naciaonal de Alimentacion).  A portion of the food is provided by PRONAA and the rest is purchased using OSA funds.  The menus are varied but include staples such as milk, rice, beans, chicken, eggs, and fruit.  The OSA lunch program is a concrete way to address issues of iron deficiency anemia and growth retardation due to malnutrition in these children.

As mentioned elsewhere, OSA has constructed a “sports complex” on property behind OSA House that is owned by the Jose Galvito pre-school.  This complex includes a concrete sports court and bleachers.  OSA encourages the school to use the sports complex for physical education activities and special events.