Other Programs

Other OSA programs and projects are in various stages of planning and implementation. The following specific projects are in development stages:

  • The high school Jose Galvez with about 700 students owns a large parcel of land directly behind the OSA Sports Complex. The Peruvian Ministry of Education may be willing to allow OSA to develop this land for the benefit of the community. For the first phase of development, we envision construction of a “posta medica” (clinic) on this property. This facility would be staffed by perhaps two nurses who would provide preventive health care education to schools and other organizations in Collique. Subsequently, a doctor would be added to the staff for the purpose of daily living.


  • As a second phase, we envision that equipment for telemedicine would be housed in the OSA clinic. Doctors from Houston,Texas would provide specialist consultations at predetermined hours via teleconference with local doctors and their patients.
  • Another cooperative project with the Jose Galvez high school would be to improve their vocational and technical workshops. The need for improved facilities to teach motor mechanics, cooking, carpentry, sewing, cosmetology, and computer skills is very great.
  • Water in Collique is very expensive and is not potable. Some sections have running water while others have to buy water from delivery trucks that fill elevated plastic drums. All water in Collique should be boiled before consumption, but most people cannot afford to do so. OSA is consulting with US companies selling filtration systems that will remove particles larger than 0.5 microns, organic material, and heavy metals. This technology may be an affordable way to provide potable water to this community.
  • Many of the residents of this area are extremely creative and are gifted with manual skills. We would like to empower them to organize themselves so that they can develop income producing enterprises. For example OSA might arrange for microloans to assist with venture start up and to help secure outlets for their products.

We desire that those who partner with OSA share the vision of demonstrating love and compassion in practical ways to the marginalized people of Peru.